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What is Sup?

Sup connects you with people who are just like you, and can find you the perfect mentor for everything going on in your life.

Meet new Friends

Sup is designed to be a platform to connect you with people just like you.

Meet a Mentor

In the same way you can meet new friends through sup, you can also meet new mentors.

Check-in with Followers

A check-in is a status update, and you can check-in with your followers on Sup.


Sup functions primarily as a group chat app to meet friends and mentors.

Share your Profile

You can share your Sup profile on your favorite social media sites like Linkrree.

Share your Groups

You can share your groups outside of sup to get more followers in the group.

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Yes! We are currently working on an Android app that will work on all new Android devices.

Yes, your journal entries can be exported from the settings page, and per our terms and conditions, your account data can be exported upon request.

Sup is secured through HTTPS and encrypted data. We go through great lengths to keep your data safe and secure.

You can reset your passcode through our reset passcode page. All you need to do is enter your existing passcode, and you should be good to go!

Sup has an advanced Block feature that we encourage you use. To block someone, just visit their profile, and tap on the “block” button. They won’t see your check-ins anymore.